Monday, 25 November 2013

New article: 'En route: Transport and Embodiment in International Medical Travel Journeys Between Indonesia and Malaysia'

My new article just published in Mobilities focuses on what happens in the space and time spent travelling between medical travellers' home countries and their medical destinations. Free access to this article is available for the first 50 users at 

International medical travel is increasingly major business. Using Indonesian patient-consumers’ transport experiences in the pursuit of private medical care in Malaysia, this study explores how transport operators and infrastructure are responding and adjusting to the embodied specificities of the growing market’s access and travel needs. In offering faster and more frequent linkages, they have both expanded the physical and geo-political scope and increased the immediacy of care provision. This underscores the value of examining how the mobile spaces of transport common to international medical travel actively intersect with, blur and re-articulate diverse understandings of ill-health and impairment, care and subjectivity.