Thursday, 28 March 2013

AAG 2013 - Politics of global health care offerings

Here's a list of sessions to attend at the 2013 AAG in Los Angeles (9-13 April) if you're interested in politics of global health care:

  • Tuesday
    • GeoHumanities and Health I is scheduled on Tuesday, 4/9/2013, from 12:40 PM - 2:20 PM in Laguna Parlor 3068, Westin, 30th Floor -- Session Description: These session/sessions call for papers both conceptual and empirical that explore the interface between the GeoHumanities and Health - the interface between geographical interests in health, illness and medicine and the interests of the humanities.
    • GeoHumanities and Health II is scheduled on Tuesday, 4/9/2013, from 2:40 PM - 4:20 PM in Laguna Parlor 3068, Westin, 30th Floor
  • Wednesday
    • Feminist Engagements with Health, Capitalism, and the Body I is scheduled on Wednesday, 4/10/2013, from 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM in Santa Barbara A, Westin, Lobby Level -- Session Description: Feminist geographers have a long history of engagement with theories on the body.  As "the geography closest in" (Rich, 1986), the body is a key site of struggle in which we not only experience oppression but also work toward the construction of new and better alternatives.  Theorizations of the body have, necessarily, crossed disciplinary and sub-disciplinary boundaries.  Feminist economic geographers have contributed a large body of research on the gendered nature of capitalism, while feminist medical/health geographers have made significant inroads in the theorization of health, difference, and the body.  While bodies are never completely determined by their economic contexts, this session seeks to unite these literatures in an attempt to theorize how interventions of patriarchy and capitalism on the body produce particular experiences of health and disease in the twenty-first century.
    • Feminist Engagements with Health, Capitalism, and the Body II is scheduled on Wednesday, 4/10/2013, from 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM in Santa Barbara A, Westin, Lobby Level 
    • SOCIAL CITIZENSHIP, LANDSCAPES OF CARE AND HEALTH GEOGRAPHIES is scheduled on Wednesday, 4/10/2013, from 12:40 PM - 2:20 PM in Mediterranean, Biltmore, Mezzanine Level -- Session Description: Recent geographical studies of heath care have demonstrated the contested nature of place in understanding socio-spatial inequalities as a result of neoliberal discourses and governance. As indicated by Milligan and Wiles (2010) the complex relationship between people, places and care is largely unexplored especially within the context of social justice.  This session intends to bring together those scholars who are interested in understanding this complex relationship within the context of democracy, social citizenship, justice and health geographies. 
  • Thursday
    • Ecologies of Well-Being I is scheduled on Thursday, 4/11/2013, from 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM in Santa Monica C, Westin, Level 3 -- Session Description: Well-being has attracted significant academic and political attention in recent years. Researchers in psychology, economics, public health and development studies have sought to conceptualize, measure and explain variations in well-being between individuals and groups. In the political arena, several western governments have commissioned reports on well-being, including France, Canada and Britain, and some countries are seeking to develop national well-being accounts. Geographers are also engaging with well-being, both conceptually and through empirical investigation. To date, this work has included relatively extensive, quantitative investigations as well as local, more qualitatively oriented studies. A common thread has been an interest in the ecological determinants of individual and collective well-being. This is about how the 'natural', built and social environments as well as the cultural and spiritual context in which people are situated shape their happiness, flourishing, health and capabilities. This session is part of a larger series in which the organizers and speakers continue the conversation regarding how best to understand and investigate the environments which support human well-being using qualitative and quantitative methods and GIS. They will also consider the connections between geographical work on well-being and critical thought on equity, governmentality and related concerns. The session is part of the symposium 'Geography, GIScience, and Health: Spatial Frontiers of Health Research and Practice'.
    • Ecologies of Well-Being II is scheduled on Thursday, 4/11/2013, from 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM in Santa Monica C, Westin, Level 3
    • Ecologies of Well-Being III is scheduled on Thursday, 4/11/2013, from 12:40 PM - 2:20 PM in Santa Monica C, Westin, Level 3
    • Ecologies of Well-Being IV is scheduled on Thursday, 4/11/2013, from 2:40 PM - 4:20 PM in Santa Monica C, Westin, Level 3
  • Saturday
    • Questioning Generosity in the Golden Age of Philanthropy is scheduled on Saturday, 4/13/2013, from 4:00 PM - 5:40 PM in Mediterranean, Biltmore, Mezzanine Level -- Session Description: This is the golden age of philanthropy. Over the 55 year period 1998 to 2052, bequests to charity in the United States are estimated to be between $109 and $454 billion per year. Heightened demand for philanthropy has been promoted by forty years of privatization and curbed spending on social services and compounded recently by government budgets straightened as a result of the Global Financial Crisis. And philanthropic donations will need to be used more efficiently than ever before, so there will be a heightened need for more 'businesslike' approaches to philanthropy. More than this, because philanthropists now find celebrity status and new forms of philanthropy are emerging rapidly, it is increasingly important to understand what is going on. This special session is intended to encourage geographers to give critical attention to these and some of the other less-than-charitable consequences and significance of philanthropy. Papers for the session may approach issues surrounding philanthropy conceptually or empirically and from any of a variety of methodological stances.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Medical Migration Symposium

MS.05, Maths and Stats Building, University of Warwick
11.00am - 6.00pm, Tuesday 19 March 2013
Convenor: Dr Hannah Bradby
The migration of trained medical staff has been a key issue for global health governance during the first decade of the 21st century.
Attempts to regulate the migration of skilled medical personnel as part of the training needs of rich and poor countries have proceeded in parallel with more critical approaches to the problem. The migration of technologies, ideas and values in specific historical contexts and critical approaches to the discourse of development have interrogated a ‘skilled personnel supply’ approach.
This symposium addresses analysis of global medical migration from different regions and disciplinary standpoints with a view to formulating future research questions. It will be of interest to researchers with an interest in empirical and theoretically informed questions around the politics of global health public health and migration.
Registration fee: £20 (free for University of Warwick staff and students)
For bookings please contact:
Jas Bains email: | tel: 024 7652 3164