Wednesday, 17 November 2010

CFP Mobilities and Health - 2011 International Medical Geography Symposium

Tony Gatrell (Lancaster) and Lucy Budd (Loughborough) are organising a special session at the International Medical Geography Symposium in Durham (10-15 July 2011) on the theme of ‘Mobilities and Health’, and invite contributions to that session. Such contributions should take the form of conventional papers delivered in a ‘slot’ of 30 minutes, allowing sufficient time for questions.

The planned session draws its inspiration primarily from the new ‘mobilities’ agenda in the social sciences; see for example, John Urry’s ‘Mobilities’ (2007, Polity Press) and the journal ‘Mobilities’: Relatively absent from much of this literature has been an exploration of the links between mobilities and health. While geographers and epidemiologists have researched associations between migration and health, and migration and disease, there are many other connections to be explored. Thus we would like to welcome contributions that examine, for example:

· ‘slow’ mobilities (such as walking and cycling), the health gains from these activities, as well as possible risks to health from road users and air pollution

· ‘fast’ mobilities (such as automobile and air travel - again, the health gains and risks, and the implications for those who are not-mobile

· tourists and their health and well-being, as well as their access to health care

· the health and healthcare of those who are forcibly displaced

· the spread of disease in historical and contemporary settings

· the mobilities of health care and health-related information

Contributions are invited that address any of the above, or other areas related to mobility and health.

The Symposium organisers have asked for Abstracts by January 14th 2011. Lucy and Tony would like to suggest that interested contributors contact them by December 14th in order that they can plan the session. Please contact Tony Gatrell in the first instance: a.gatrell (at)