Saturday, 21 May 2011

New conference: The Globalization of Health Care - HLS

The Globalization of Health Care:
Legal and Ethical Challenges
A Conference at Harvard Law School
May 20-21, 2011

Schedule Outline
Medical Tourism I: Services Legal in Home and Destination Countries

  • Cross-Border Care in Post- Reform America
    • Nathan Cortez
  • Jurisdiction 101 for Medical Tourism Purchases Made in Europe
    • Tom McLean
  • Patients’ and Bioethicists’ Perceptions of the Ethics of Medical Tourism: Lessons from Canadian Medical Tourists
    • Jeremy Snyder
  • Bioethics, Transnational Medical Travel & the Global Health Services Marketplace
    • Leigh Turner
  • Current Legislation on Cross-Border Healthcare in the European Union
    • Hilko J. Meyer

Medical Tourism II: Services Illegal or Unavailable in Home Country

  • Medical Outlaws or Medical Refugees?: Medical Tourism and the Extraterritorial Application of Domestic Criminal Law
    • I. Glenn Cohen
  • Welcome to the Wild West: Protecting Access to U.S. Based Fertility Treatment for Reproductive Tourists
    • Kimberly Mutcherson
  • The Proportionality Problem in Cross-border Reproductive Care
    • Richard Storrow
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of Physicians in Patients' Decisions about Unproven Stem Cell Therapies
    • Aaron Levine & Leslie Wolf
  • Tourism: A matter of Life and Death in the UK
    • Hazel Biggs & Caroline Jones

Research and Development/ Telemedicine

  • Promoting Access to Clinical Trials Data and the Right to Health
    • Trudo Lemmens
  • Attributing Violations of the Prohibition on Nonconsensual Human Experimentation to the State: Questions from Abdullahi v. Pfizer
    • Bethany Spielman
  • The Global Politics of Influenza Vaccine Sharing
    • Robert Gatter
  • Globalization of Health Care in the Information Technology Era – Opportunities and Legal Challenges
    • Gil Siegal
  • Legal Barriers to Telemedicine in the United States: Their Constitutionality and the Role of Arbitration in the Context of Health Care Reform
    • Amar Gupta & Deth Sao

Medical Worker Migration

  • Ethical Challenges and Policy Options in the Recruitment of Internationally Trained Health Human Resources
    • Vivien Runnels, Corinne Packer
  • Permissible Ways of Managing the Labor Allocation of Medical Workers
    • Lucas Stanczyk
  • Conditioning Medical Scholarships on Long, Future Service: A Defense
    • Nir Eyal &Till Bärnighausen
  • WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel
    • Allyn Taylor

Health Care Globalization and Equity

  • Global Health Justice
    • Jennifer Prah-Ruger
  • Global Health Care is Not Global Health: Populations, Inequities, and Law as a Social Determinant of Health
    • Daniel Goldberg
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicine: The Special Case of Antibiotics In The Health Impact Fund
    • Kevin Outterson
  • Global Duties and the Sanctity of Life
    • Pavlos Eleftheriadis
  • Beyond Patents: The Impact of Patent-Related Rights on Global Access to Medicine
    • Cynthia Ho

A Discussion on Organ Transplantation: Transplant Tourism is Different than Medical Tourism

  • Alexander Capron
  • Francis L. Delmonico
  • Nancy Scheper-Hughes
  • Daniel Wikler