Monday, 2 July 2018

New special issue in Global Public Health: 'Im/Mobilities and Dis/Connectivities in Medical Globalization: How Global is Global Health?'

In December 2017, a special issue on transnational health was published in the journal Global Public Health: Im/Mobilities and Dis/Connectivities in Medical Globalization: How Global is Global Health?


  • Im/mobilities and dis/connectivities in medical globalisation: How global is Global Health?
    • Hansjörg Dilger & Dominik Mattes
  • Made in Denmark: Scientific mobilities and the place of pedagogy in global health
    • Branwyn Poleykett
  • (Dis)connectivities in wartime: The therapeutic geographies of Iraqi healthcare–seeking in Lebanon
    • Omar Dewachi, Anthony Rizk & Neil V. Singh
  • State-of-the-art or the art of medicine? Transnational mobility and perceptions of multiple biomedicines among Nigerian physicians in the U.S.
    • Judith Schühle
  • International clinical volunteering in Tanzania: A postcolonial analysis of a Global Health business
    • Noelle Sullivan
  • Stock-outs! Improvisations and processes of infrastructuring in Uganda’s HIV/Aids and malaria programmes
    • René Umlauf & Sung-Joon Park
  • From coastal to global: The transnational flow of Ayurveda and its relevance for Indo-African linkages
    • Caroline Meier zu Biesen
  • Negotiating horizontality in medical South–South cooperation: The Cuban mission in Rio de Janeiro’s urban peripheries
    • Maria Lidola & Fabiano Tonaco Borges
  • ‘Exotic no more’: Tuberculosis, public debt and global health in Berlin
    • Janina Kehr