Thursday, 8 October 2015

Event: International Health and Wealth Conference, 15-17 Oct. 2015, Algarve, Portugal

The IHW Conference ( is a unique, independent networking event connecting industries and business linked to Health & Wealth, one of the world´s most prosperous and developing cross-section markets in the 21st century.
Experts from more than 15 countries vitalize debate, research and international networking.
Smart Ageing and Silver Economy are on schedule – synonyms for innovation, double-digit growth and new market opportunities. What are the needs and preferences of “Generation 55+”?
Modern Care Solutions are required globally, across borders, especially from European citizens. What can be done ? What is feasible and affordable ? Can corporate finance and private equity accelerate destination-driven solutions ? And how affects the social and political framework ?
Medical Tourism is highly trendy, competition is huge. What are the most relevant contemporary issues ? New destinations, new services, new market players ?
Finally, the future of Tourism gets strongly touched by global mobility and Health & Wealth.
How destinations such as the Algarve is able to add value and create an individual USP ? Is it in line with the interest of the elderly generation, and its habits, with regard to wealth and retirement management ? 
Additionally, IHW will schedule breakout sessions and an interactive workshop about Medical Tourism and its cross-sectoral influence.