Friday, 3 January 2014

Australian researchers investigate patients’ experiences of ‘Stem Cell Tourism’

Stem Cell Tourism Research Project

High hopes, high risk? A sociological study of stem cell tourism", a project funded by the Australian Research Council and conducted by Monash University researchers, seeks to capture the experiences of those who have travelled or thought about travelling overseas to receive stem cell treatments. Stem cells and the promise that they hold for new treatments have captured the public’s attention. However at the moment there are very few medical conditions where stem cell treatments are routinely offered in Australia. However clinics and companies overseas are promoting stem cell treatments for many conditions including multiple sclerosis.
If you have travelled abroad for stem cell treatment, as a patient or a carer or if you have considered travelling abroad but perhaps decided against it, the researchers would like to capture your story via an interview. Interviews will involve answering a series of questions over the phone and will usually take 30 to 40 minutes. Insights from this study will help in producing information for patients and their families who are contemplating stem cell treatments.
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