Friday, 17 May 2013

New special issue: Transnational Health in Asia - Patients, Knowledge, Praxis

The European Journal of Transnational Studies has released a special issue on Transnational Health in Asia. The full text is available in PDF at

  • Laurent PordiĆ©: Spaces of connectivity, shifting temporality: Inquiries in transnational health
  • Mika Toyota / Chee Heng Leng / Xiang Biao: Global track, national vehicle: Transnationalism in medical tourism in Asia
  • Andrey Bochaton: The rise of a transnational healthcare paradigm: Thai hospitals at the crossroads of new patient flows 
  • Junko Iida: Holism as a whole-body treatment: The transnational production of Thai massage
  • Roman Sieler: From lineage transmission to transnational distance education: The case of siddha varmam medicine