Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Special issue of the journal Signs dedicated to international medical travel

Signs, Vol. 36, No. 2, Winter 2011: Special issue based on the Comparative Perspectives Symposium: Gender and Medical Tourism

Edited by Andrew Mazzaschi and Emily Anne McDonald

Here's the TOC:

Mary Gilmartin; Allen White. 'Interrogating Medical Tourism: Ireland, Abortion, and Mobility Rights' (pp. 275-280). DOI: 10.1086/655907. Stable URL:

Sven Bergmann. 'Fertility Tourism: Circumventive Routes That Enable Access to Reproductive Technologies and Substances' (pp. 280-289). DOI: 10.1086/655978.
Stable URL:

Annette B. Ramírez de Arellano. Medical Tourism in the Caribbean (pp. 289-297). DOI: 10.1086/655908. Stable URL:

Alexander Edmonds. “Almost Invisible Scars”: Medical Tourism to Brazil (pp. 297-302). DOI: 10.1086/655909.
Stable URL:

Andrew Mazzaschi. 'Surgeon and Safari: Producing Valuable Bodies in Johannesburg' (pp. 303-312). DOI: 10.1086/655941. Stable URL:

Amit Sengupta. Medical Tourism: Reverse Subsidy for the Elite (pp. 312-319). DOI: 10.1086/655910. Stable URL:

Justin M. Nolan; Mary Jo Schneider. Medical Tourism in the Backcountry: Alternative Health and Healing in the Arkansas Ozarks (pp. 319-326). DOI: 10.1086/655911. Stable URL:

Beth Kangas. Complicating Common Ideas about Medical Tourism: Gender, Class, and Globality in Yemenis’ International Medical Travel (pp. 327-332). DOI: 10.1086/655912. Stable URL: